Murrayfield Racers Community
One of the Murrayfield Racers core goals is develop youth hockey and get more people watching and playing this great sport.

The Racers Community Project will run alongside Murrayfield Racers Ice Hockey Club providing community work and sporting opportunities to children and young adults of all abilities within the Edinburgh and Lothians area. Our aim will be to promote not just ice hockey, but sport in general. We will work closely with several organisations throughout Edinburgh and Lothians to help improve participation levels across all sports and give many children the opportunity to try sports such as ice hockey.

We believe that Ice Hockey and Ice Skating is a fantastic vehicle to help young people keep fit, make friends and learn about healthy living.

We will work in Partnership with Murrayfield Ice rink to open up as many opportunities as possible to young people experience Ice Sports.

If you are interested in being part of our community team please email