Murrayfield Racers to feature in ‘Ice Hockey in Edinburgh’ book

Murrayfield Racers will feature in a new book that details the history of ice hockey in Edinburgh over the past 70 years.

Compiled by Stuart Latham, ‘Ice Hockey in Edinburgh’ features a look back at the highs and lows of the teams who have called Murrayfield Ice Rink their home during that time.

Some of the biggest names in Murrayfield’s history are featured in the book, including current Director of Hockey Tony Hand.

Latham first became aware of the Racers after watching England win the Rugby Union Grand Slam at Murrayfield Stadium in 1980.

He subsequently saw the team play on television, sparking a passion for ice hockey that has continued since then.

“I’ve known Tony for a few years now,” said Latham. “He wrote the foreword for my book ‘Ice Hockey in Peterborough’ and also contributed to my Manchester Phoenix book.

“We subsequently had a telephone conversation and decided to produce this book which brings my ice hockey life back to where it started at Murrayfield.”

Pre-orders for the book are now being taken – the retail price is £18.99 plus £4.80 postage when ordered direct. International postage rates are available on request.

The easiest way to make payment is via PayPal to Please ensure you select ‘paying family or friends’ rather than ‘payment of goods’.

If you require details of other payment options such as bank transfer, please email the addess shown above.

For all books that are ordered direct, the Racers will receive a commission which will help the club during the current coronavirus situation.

(Image permission: Racers Media)