Patriks Grigors Returns to the Ice

On the 6th October, Murrayfield Racers travelled up to Aberdeen to face Lynx in the Stuart Robertson Cup. The team came away with a win but also faced some injuries that have left some players off the ice since.

Patriks Grigors was left with a dislocated shoulder after a bad hit during the game. This was the worst injury that he has had during his time playing ice hockey as previously he had only experienced a couple of broken fingers.

Since sustaining the injury, Grigors has been recovering whilst attending physiotherapy, English classes and has even managed to pass his driving theory test! However, he has started attending training sessions to get used to being back on the ice and is excited to be back in the game within the next two weeks.

Patriks said, “My shoulder was really sore after the hit and I went to hospital in Aberdeen then in West Lothian, they said I had dislocated it and tore some tendons” Patriks continued, “It is much improved now but not 100% I have started skating again to get fitness and think I may be back in a week or two. I can’t wait to get back to playing as I have missed it.”

Everyone at Murrayfield Racers is looking forward to his full return!